HCD, 3D, Print
My personal visual design projects - including UI, a short guidebook, a Human Centred Design project, 3D, Album Covers, Live Illustration and Print Design
Dimmer: Human Centred Design
Dimmer is a university (UNSW) project where I had the chance to focus on human-centred design. Initial focus of the project was to create a video-chat experience for seniors. Final iteration of the product aims to remove challenges of incompatible experiences with a focus on 'hearing difficulties'. Features were designed after having run two user-research sessions and user-testing on simple prototypes. 3D models were rendered using Maya & Arnold. Dimmer features:
  • Hearing difficulty indicators: Speed of communication, clarity, amplitude.
  • Vibration & light indicators as visual feedback, compatibility with hearing devices.
  • Additional Speaker & keyboard with physical keys for improved usability.

  • Matchapaws: Tangible Interactions
    Matchapaws is a two player guessing game, that was designed (proposed) as an onboarding interaction to take place at Stranger’s Lounge. The lounge is a transitional space that can host 200 visitors with a flow from play to conversations. Through this interaction, we want to introduce NCC’s history to the guests through meaningful interactions for taking action (Group project: Dhriti, Boyuan, Hongyu, Doruk).

    Sur+++ – Wearable Interactions
    Sur+++ Labour Bag is a speculative and a humorous interactive wearable that questions the value of a designer in the gig economy. I have designed and produced the bag to measure cultural, economic, symbolic and social capital of myself through sensors. (Adafruit, Arduino, MQTT, GPS, APIs, Wearables) and tested the results in various parts of Sydney, NSW.

    Design Guidebook: Digital (PDF)
    A practical pocket-sized design book to summarise and illustrate subjects I find interesting, about design. PDF, 12 Pages.

    Noluit: Branding
    Noluit is a houseboat, which is built over 6 steel floating blocks. The houseboat does not just float on water, but also travels around Stockholm’s Archipelago. Branding process included several interviews, research on maritime iconography, considering the business plan & recreational event demographics of Noluit, Stockholm.

    Pat's Place: Branding
    Branding & logo design for a new Thai Tapas restaurant located at Södermalm, Stockholm (SE). The characters were inspired by tattoos of co-founders (and partners) Pat (Suvannamaccha) and Jacob (Hanuman).

    Ikiz - Zoetic Sessions: Album Cover + Live Illustration
    Album cover & live-drawing performance for 'Ikiz - Zoetic Sessions' jazz project.

    'Zoe' comes from Greek and means 'life'. Live sessions, zoetic sessions. The idea of Zoetic sessions is to create a unique live experience where arts collide to entertain and engage audiences both visually and lyrically.

    Karl Olandersson - Simple as That
    Album Cover design for 'Karl Olandersson - Simple as That':

    Petter Bergander Trio - The Grand Dance
    Album Cover design for 'Petter Bergander Trio - The Grand Dance':

    #funkjazzsoul Posters: Print
    #funkjazzsoul fashion line posters from Stockholm Jazz Records. Displayed at Fasching Jazz Club, Stockholm (SE).:

    'The Process' Joel Embiid (NBA Player from 76'ers): 3D-model is inspired by his recovery period & personal journey in the NBA.

    Sand-stone shelter 3D render

    Koi Fish: 3D
    Low-Poly & rigged koi fish animation study done for an independent movie project.